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Sequin pillows are the rage these days.  People love custom sequin pillows because it allows them to turn an ordinary pillow into something truly magical.

sequin pillow

The way sequin pillows work is very easy.  On one side is a shine, glittery cover and the other side is a printed picture.  By swiping the hand or finger up or down the image changes, revealing a truly wonderful and magical sight to behold.  Not only is the pillow aesthetically pleasing but it also feels good in the hands!

Reversible sequin pillows first started to become popular in early 2016.  At the time, reversible sequin pillows were not able to be custom made with a custom image.  Now it’s completely possible to make a custom sequin pillow using any image.  Some sellers on Etsy give this option but it’s also possible to make at


Our favorite sequin pillow is the custom sequin pillow from  We have had the fortune to play with these sequin pillows for a few days and really loved the way these sequin pillows look and feel.

You may view sequin pillows ordered from Qstomize below:


sequin pillows

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