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When looking for the best custom herb grinder, there are many things that you should consider.   After all, if you are going to invest in a grinder for your smoking purposes you may as well get a very good one and not a cheap plastic grinder that will break.

Aluminum grinders like those they sell at are our personal pick for best custom grinders.  There are 7 grinder options to choose from and you can use any image!  They make it super easy to make an amazing custom herb grinder with any image.

Also, they offer wholesale and bulk discounts for their custom grinders.  If you have a dispensary, a store, or you simply want to buy a custom grinder for you and your friends then is the place to buy custom herb grinders and save big.

We personally have tested their custom herb grinders and we were very impressed with the quality.  The herbs (totally legal of course), were very easy to grind and came out very clean.  There was no herb residue left in the grinder that was stuck there and had to be picked at.  That is so annoying!

The material is made out of aluminum so we know it can last long.  Wood grinders tend to rust over time, and plastic herb grinders are a complete waste of money, no matter the price tag.  When looking for the best grinder to buy, buying a grinder made out of aluminum is a safe choice.

As grinders go, this as good as it gets.  We highly recommend it if you are looking for custom herb grinders.  Prices start at only $24.95 per herb grinder but you get free shipping if you order 2 or more.  If you order a lot (over 10) they are even offering DHL express shipping so you can get your grinder super fast.

How was your experience with Qstomize’s custom herb grinder?  Please write it in the description below.

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