Best Magic Tricks – Which Magic Tricks to Learn

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If you are desiring to learn new magic tricks you may be overwhelmed at first at the vast amount of best magic tricks to learn.  There are tricks meant for kids, effects that may be too difficult, or magic tricks that look good in camera but in reality are not that practical.  At Trending Reviews we are here to recommend some of the best magic tricks we know for beginner magicians.

  1.  Invisible Deck – This is one of the best magic tricks of all time and is actually super easy to do.  The effect is a magician shows in full view one deck of cards sealed in the box and asks the spectator to name any one of 52 playing cards.  It is a total free choice and any card can be named.  The magician instantly removes the deck from the box and reveals there is one card face down..their named selection!  All the other cards in the deck are face up.  It is super easy to do and totally wows the audience!
  2. Svengali Deck – One of the most magical decks around.
  3. Bite out quarter – If you are looking for one of those anytime, anywhere effects you can’t go wrong with a bite out quarter.  Simply borrow a quarter from somebody and in full view bite the top of the quarter and show it completely around!  The audience will freak when they see their quarter with a whole chunk bit out!  To restore the quarter simply blow on it and give it back to the spectators.  Looks amazing and is super easy to do.
  4. 3D Sponge Bunnies – Ok, this one requires a little bit of sleight of hand but nothing too difficult.  Even a total beginner magician can learn this best magic trick with just a little bit of practice.  The effect is 2 bunnies (a mom bunny and a dad bunny) disappear and reappear in a spectators closed hand, and when the effect is repeated the 2 bunnies sprout 6 mini bunnies!  The effect is totally wild and very good for kids and adults alike.  Very cute, very fun.  Highly recommended!

These are our personal picks for best magic tricks to learn.  But of course there are thousands upon thousands of magic tricks so it is simply our own personal opinion.  What is your best magic trick that you recommend?

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